Database Form Filling (Offline) is very simple and easy..

You don’t need any formal qualification or prior experience to join in this program.

You are just required to fill the forms with the details provided by us in the given software.



IMP: You can choose Form Filling only if you check your work thoroughly before submitting the work. Because in Form Filling there will be no second work or a rework chance, there will be no benefits for both…

NO of forms      –   1500 Forms

Work Duration  – 11 Days (10 Days Duration + 1 Day Mail Check)

QC Report        – 7 to 10 Working Days after submiting the work

Payment          –  3 Days After QC

Income             –   Rs.10,500 (depend on QC Report)

Project Cost      –  Rs.3,500 (One time, Refundable)  In our six month Contract below 40 Errors (any 3 slots in six month)                                         RS.3,000Refundable, Below 100 Errors  RS.2,100 Refundable

Validity              –  6 Months

Requirement    –  PC (Windows xp to windows 10)


Accuracy & Payment Details

01-20 Errors – Rs.7 Per Form       (1st Level Payment Rs.10,500)

21-40 Errors – Rs.4.50 Per Form  (2nd Level Payment Rs.6,750)

41-60 Errors – Rs.2.50 Per Form   (3rd Level Payment Rs.3,750)

61-80 Errors – Rs.1 Per Form         (4th Level Payment Rs.1,500)

81-100 Errors- Rs.0.50 Per Form    (5th Level Payment Rs.750)

Above 101 Errors – No, Payment, No Work, No Refund.

We Won’t Consider Punctuation and Space Errors.



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