Form Filling (Offline)


Database Form Filling Project is simple and easy. You will need basic knowledge only.

Note: We're not looking for time pass workers, we want the maximum accuracy. In case you didn't check (No Account Termination) there will be no benefits for

both of us.



Features               -  * No Account Termination (In case of any kind of illegal activities we will terminate

                                                                          your account without any notice)

                                 * We are not counting Punctuations & Space Errors                                                                                        Form Filling Demo Video

                                 * Simple Forms 







Note: We are not providing form filling for freshers, only for experienced persons, because of trust issues.

(who knows well about outsourcing and typing)


NO of forms          -  1000 forms



Work Duration      -  7 Days (Individual Software only)




QC Report            -  7 to 10 Working Days after submitting the work (Individual Quality Checking Report)




Payment                -  Rs.5,000 (depend on QC Report) 




Processing Fee     -  Rs.2,700 per system (One time)


                                In this 3 month agreement, you'll get the first three slots free, But,

                                Extended to a Maximum of 1 to 3 Months(Quality based only).


Requirements     -   PC (Windows XP to Windows 10)

                               Excel (We will provide EXCEL VBA SOFTWARE)



Validity                -  3 Months                    




Accuracy and Payment Details


Note: We are not counting Punctuations & Space Errors (Only Number Errors & Spell Errors)


01 - 10 Errors - Rs.5 Per Form  (1st Level Payment Rs.5,000)


11 - 20 Errors - Rs.4 Per Form  (2nd Level Payment Rs.4,000)


21 - 30 Errors - Rs.3 Per Form  (3rd Level Payment Rs.3,000)


31 - 40 Errors - Rs.2 Per Form  (4th Level Payment Rs.2,000)


41 - 50 Errors - Rs.1 Per Form  (5th Level Payment Rs.1,000)


51 - 60 Errors - Rs.0.50 Per Form (6th Level Payment Rs.5,00)


Above 61 Errors - No, Payment, But Next Slot will come (No Account Termination)





IMP: You can choose Form Filling only if you check your work thoroughly before submitting the work.

In Form Filling  there will be no Account Termination, In case if you didn’t check (No Account Termination)

there will be no benefits for both of us.




.We will provide you image files (.gif .pdf or .tif) you should type those files into the software

.We will provide only individual software for this project

.We will provide 68 pages

.Time Duration 7 days (7Days Duration + 1 Day(Mail checking)

.QC (Quality Checking) Report: 7 to 10 Working Days after submitting the work (Payment will be initiated

within 7-10 Working Days)

.Per Form you will get Rs.5

.Payment Rs,5,000 per package depends on the accuracy(QC Report)

.60 Errors Are allowed per slot. (Only spell errors, No punctuation & space errors)

.No project termination, if you didn’t achieve the required accuracy we won’t terminate your account, instead,

we will give you the next slot.

.Project cost – Rs.2,700 (One time)

.Validity         – 3 Months But, Extended to Maximum 1 to 3 Months(Quality based only).






Required Time/Day (Basic Typing Skill)


Can type a minimum of 150 Forms/Day 

                                                       Per Form =  2 Minute (Depends on typing speed )

                                                                      =  2 * 15(forms/page) = 30 Minutes Aprx

                                                    Per Hour    =  30 * 2(Page) = 60 Minutes

                                 10 Pages(150Forms)    =  30 * 10 = 300 Minutes

                                                      Per Day    =  5 Hours       


This is a basic knowledge typing potential.

























Sample Pages


Bulk Enquiries only